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Sasha & Condi is a mockumentary style sitcom. Think a Black version of CNN’s decade-era documentaries meets Drunk History. Sasha and Condi, now in their early 30s, are here to set the record straight and change the way the world recalls the 90s. The two childhood friends agree on the importance of affirmative action and slap bracelets, but they can’t seem to agree upon the best R&B group of the time or whether Magic Johnson putting his name on franchises is good for black folks.


Each episode follows Sasha and Condi as they insert themselves in some of the biggest moments of that era; the OJ Simpson Trial, the Air Jordan fashion craze, the transition from tapes to CDs, the original Aunt Viv’s departure from Fresh Prince, the 2PAC and Biggie beef, the fall of South African apartheid, the first Black Abercrombie and Fitch models, the baritone’d Michael leaving Boyz II Men, the first Starbucks coming to town and Magic Johnson’s HIV announcement.

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Chanel  Glover

Chanel Glover. is a ‘trained’ lawyer who dabbles in playwriting, and desires most to be the first Black (Lesbian) Superwoman to rid the world of menacing stereotypes with just the stroke of her pencil. In May 2014, she completed an MFA in playwriting at Ohio University where her full-length plays HOW TO EAT AN OREO, BLACK AS THE DIRT, and THEY’RE NOT RAPPERS have received staged readings at Ohio University’s Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights’ Festival in April 2014, April 2013 and June 2012, respectively. Chanel served as one of six playwrights in terraNOVA Collective’s Groundbreakers Playwrights Group, where she had a staged reading of her workshopped play HOW TO EAT AN OREO, in April 2015. In September 2015, HOW TO EAT AN OREO, received a staged reading as part of the Blackboard Play Reading Series at The Cell. She currently teaches the future at a high school near you, and dishes all of her dating and life secrets on her podcast, OVERQUALIFIED & DRUNK.

Juliana "Jewels" Smith

Juliana "Jewels" Smith is a cultural worker, educator, organizer and writer.  She is the creator and writer of (H)afrocentric, a comic featuring four disgruntled undergraduates of color and their adventures at Ronald Reagan University.  Launched in 2010, (H)afrocentric has been featured in Ebony, Gawker, GOOD, SF Examiner and Afro Punk, and on KPFA, CUNY TV and more.  Smith has spoken about the relationship between using comics to talk about racial justice, gender equity, political literacy, and humor at the Schomburg Center, New York Comic Con, Studio Museum of Harlem, and Baltimore Book Festival.  In March of 2016, Smith was honored by the African American Library and Museum of Oakland with the first annual Excellence in Comics and Graphic Novels Award.

chanel.glover@gmail.com                                        hafrocentric@gmail.com

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